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H/Hr angst time, folks!!

Hermione wasn't sleeping that well either that night. She heard movement and eventually, curiosity got the better of her. Hermione sat up to see it was Gwen who'd left the dormitory. Thinking for a few moments, she stood, deciding it was the perfect opportunity for her to have a chat with Gwen. It wouldn't be bad. She just needed to talk things out with Gwen. Hermione was about half way down the stairs when she noticed Harry was with Gwen. Quietly, the witch sat on the stairs, watching the pair. Hermione felt as if she'd been hit with a bludger to the chest as she just watched them. She hated Harry at that moment. She hated the way he looked at Gwen in a way he never looked at her. It just didn't seem right that she finally got the only thing she wanted, but...he didn't really want her. It was all a mistake. Hermione fought back tears as she continued to watch the pair with morbidity. Like a train wreck she simply could not look away. She sat silently, waiting. She knew Harry'd realise eventually someone was watching him.
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